Giving Thanks

A lot of people I know, their favorite holiday is Halloween. I guess those are the kinds of circles I run in. I think it’s the costumes and the spooky factors, more than the candy. If it were me, it would be because of the candy. And costumes. And candy.

Then there are the people whose favorite holiday is Christmas. The lights, music, and the good cheer, I suppose. And there is good cheer in there somewhere, hiding behind overcrowded malls and too many crazies out and about all at the same time. Plus, it’s fun to hold loved ones in your heart while you pick out just the right doodads to put a smile on their faces.

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Hrm. Let me rephrase that. My favorite holiday is sort of one that I made up and tacked onto an American tradition.

Technically, Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrating the massacre of Native Americans by zealous illegal immigrants a nice fairy tale about two dissimilar peoples coming together in a time of need to help each other. I really don’t care about that part of it. I don’t hate the fairy tale, but I don’t much buy into it either.

What I love about Thanksgiving is the name and what you do on that day. This is a day that people have set aside to get together with loved ones, eat lots of good food, and Give Thanks. While there are the traditional reasons to give thanks, I haven’t been to a dinner where we thanked the Puritans since I was in grade school. (Is that just me?)

We give thanks for the precious people in our lives, for the roof over our heads, for the opportunities and synchronisities that have led us where we are, and of course, for the AMAZING FEAST WE ARE ABOUT TO PARTAKE IN.

At least, that’s what I do. This holiday, more than any other, is about family and food. How could it not be my most favorite day?

If you’re reading this, you can be assured that come Thursday, I’ll be offering up a special thought for you. You know, an extra one, besides the ones I offer up all the other days.

Have an awesome Massacre Memorial Day  Turkey Day  Day of Thanks.



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