Cast o’ Characters

My immediate family:

Bear – That’s me. I’m a bear.
Honey – My husband. Cuz a Bear loves her Honey.
Gazelik – Oldest Chihuahua. Shaped like a gazelle, loves to lick the things– ALL the things.
Meetoo – Youngest Chihuahua. Kinda the dumb one. Wants to be wherever you are. Me too! Me too! Grrrrr…

More Family:

HypnoFrog – My dad. He likes hypnosis. Also, he likes the frogs. And squirrels.
Darling – My stepmom. She likes my dad. Good enough for me.
Squeaky – My baby sister. Sorry, kiddo; you’ll never outgrow that one.

Wolf – Honey’s mom. She’s a wolf.
Five – Honey’s dad. He’s… a five.
Pancakes – Honey’s grandma

Arcana – My gorgeous, kickass librarian BFF.
The Dude – Arcana’s son. He may be two years old, but he abides.
Sunshyne – My dear friend in FL, whom I met through Arcana. YAY!

More More Family:

The Hensons – Awesome West Coast family of awesomeness.
The Addamses – Awesome Hawaiian family of awesomeness.

More! More! More!

Justice – Lives in NYC with her wife, and believes in truth and justice for all. The chaos just sort of happens.
Toy – Loves Justice. Loves NYC. Loves being an artist. Loves kicking your ass at Gloom.

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