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A Tale of Two Oxygen Masks

I have been riding in airplanes since I was a small child; at first it was under the eagle eyes of my parents, and when I was deemed old enough, I got to be my sister’s chaperone when it was just the two of us flying together between our home and our grandparents’. It was a big deal for me, because I was responsible for her well-being. (Teens are big into taking on responsibility, you know.) For that reason, the first thing I did was teach her how to read her ticket, and how to find her connecting flight. That way, even if we got *gasp!* separated, she’d be able to find her way around the airport and get to her flight. She picked it up in no time, and was an instant flying ace on her first try!

But that first time, when we got on the plane, and I was still feeling the full weight of my awesome responsibility, I realized that the boring safety speech I had always ignored before take-off was actually important. I needed to know what to do in case there was an emergency. I even made Squeaky pay attention, too, so that in case we got separated, she’d be able to take care of herself.

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A different medium

You know that movie? It was based on that best selling book that was soooo good. When you read that book, that one scene just blew your mind. And that one character– if they were a real person, you would TOTALLY hook up with that hotness!

And then! They announce they’re going to make a movie from that book! Remember how excited you were? You were finally going to see your favorite scene! Continue reading A different medium

Taking on “The Pink”

October is a complicated month for me. On the one hand, Halloween! …which, I have to admit was a lot more fun when I was able to be involved somehow. Kids in our neighborhood go to the mall or their church for candy, and I hate the large crowds of strangers that most Halloween parties involve. I do love the historical aspect of the holiday, as a way to reconnect with ancestors and beloved dead. As my list of beloved dead creeps longer, this holiday carries deeper meaning for me, but that is still a fairly personal affair and not very social.

The other well known aspect to October is The Pink Invasion, also known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink ribbons freaking everywhere. I even see macho men get in on the action: certain NFL teams are using pink tail-towels and logos.

And it pisses me off for SO many reasons. For one thing, did you know that September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month? No? Probably because no one you know died from it like my mother did. Do you know what color ribbon to wear for, say, stomach cancer? Leukemia? Lung cancer? Or what month to wear it? There are so many KINDS of cancer, and yet the only one I see year after year is The Pink. Continue reading Taking on “The Pink”

He ate what???

Food. OMG! I love food. I love the sweet, the savory, the sour (sometimes), and even the spicy (in small doses). Mostly, I love the sweet.

The sweets have been one of my challenges for most of my life. Everybody knows how bad they are for the human body, but I just couldn’t stop. Oh, I’d go on a diet for a while, and I’d lose some weight– never enough– but then it would be somebody’s birthday, or a holiday (I didn’t care which one), and I’d start devouring again.

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