I’ve stopped writing

I suppose that’s a rather ridiculous title, considering that we’re here, on my blog, reading what I just wrote. What I mean is that part of my mental health regimen is to make sure I write every day, but see, I am a creature of habit, specifically, of routine. I heart routine! When I have my time scheduled out, I know what’s coming, I know how to prepare. I actually will think on things and anticipate for hours before I know something is coming up.

For example, I usually have an idea of the concept for each blog entry mapped out long before I sit down at a keyboard. Usually. Then there are times like the last few weeks.

Have you ever started up a new business? Holy carp! There’s so much to do! In fact, there is so much to do, it’s actually been spilling over into my writing time. Don’t believe me? I usually have my blog post written the Tuesday before it posts the following Monday. This paragraph was written on Thursday.

…And this paragraph is being written Sunday night. Yeaaaaaah.

On the bright side, I have an after-work life that is exciting and interesting. On the down side, my blog entry this week is less exciting and more, shall we say, filling?

Hopefully I’ll have something better for you next week.

For now, I have kept my commitment to write and post once a week. I never promised it would be great, just that I’d do it.

PS I really need to post another recipe soon. But then, that would require baking instead of, yanno, businessing, or, yanno, writing.

PPS If you haven’t seen Office Space, see it. Not only is it a brilliant movie, but my photo will make SO MUCH MORE SENSE with that context. Also, you’d know that there’s another line of text at the bottom of the image that was cut off. If you could see it, that would be great.

PPPS Honey says, “Or you could go see Guardians of the Galaxy, because that was awesome.” Yanno. Your pick.

Image credit: Thanks to Quick Meme’s user for this one.

2 thoughts on “I’ve stopped writing”

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy was HILARIOUS and AWESOME!!!

    Tom said that since I worked in a place very similar to Office Space that I wasn’t allowed to see it. He thought it would not be funny to me because I was living that shit! It’s been 3 yrs since that job so maybe now is a good time to watch it.

    1. See, for me, I liked seeing Office Space when I was working “there,” because I felt heard. “My people! You understand me! I need a red stapler!” And then you bought me a red stapler as a gift and I nearly exploded with glee. You need to see this movie.

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