Flight vs. Invisibility

I heard a radio show once that posited one of the best ice breakers at a party is the question, “If you could choose your super power would it be flight or invisibility?” People always know the answer, and they always have a reason why.

Take a moment to think. What would you choose? Flight or invisibility?

Personally, I’m always so surprised when people say they want to be invisible. Why? It is already so available to anyone who wants it. Seriously? You want people to not even notice you, to let you go pretty much anywhere without commenting on it, without asking your name or your purpose?

Get a job in service.

Do you know the name of your last waiter? How about the janitor at your workplace. Do you know or care where the girl who replaces your towels is going?

Choose flight. Keep your humanity and save on airfare.

2 thoughts on “Flight vs. Invisibility”

  1. I heard this show and it was fantastic! I love it!!

    I was dumbfounded when they said that everyone has an answer and a reason for why they’d chose what they’d chose. I can give pros and cons for both. I don’t actually know what I’d pick.

    1. It was a great piece! And it’s a great question. I’ve used it many times. 🙂 Everyone I have ever asked has had an instant answer– well, sometimes someone needs clarification, but they already know what they’d want.

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