The Year of Awesome Chocolate, R’n’R, and Kick-Assery!

Are you superstitious? Mostly I’m not. Except for sometimes. According to my personality profile (and my husband), I read meanings into EVERYTHING. I’m not sure if that makes me superstitious, but apparently I read too much into things. I like it, though; it’s fun. 🙂

Anyway, last week I dubbed 2015 “The Year of Awesome Chocolate, R’n’R, and Kick-Assery!” Wanna hear about my first day in the YOACRRKA?

The first thing I did, before even waking up, was I dumped one of my pills on the floor. I have a timer set each morning to wake me up long enough to take my pill, and then with enough time before I “wake up” that I can easily get back to sleep. (Just go with me on this.) Anyway, Honey and I had to miss one of our favorite parties of the year, because both of us were sick. 🙁 Which meant that for January 1, we weren’t hung over or exhausted, so that part was kind of nice. But I didn’t wake up well for my pill alarm, and managed to drop the bouncy little thing on our hardwood floors.

I could hear it skitter away from me, hit something, and stop. Oh, GAWD, I thought. My year will be filled with losing things?

Using my flashlight (iPhones are AWESOME), I checked all around my dresser, which is where I had assumed it had hit and stopped, but I couldn’t find the blasted thing anywhere. I was almost tempted to just leave it there until normal human hours, but I don’t trust Gazelik or Meetoo not to eat it. They would totally eat it, and that would probably be bad. Then again, Gazelik once ate an entire pot brownie by himself; he got stoned for three days straight, but was otherwise fine. (No, I did not feed it to him; the little bastard stole it from the plate of a friend who was not paying attention and probably didn’t need the brownie in the first place.) Still, he probably shouldn’t eat pills that aren’t prescribed to him. So I had to drag my butt out of bed to go find it in the middle of the night.

It turns out the pill was NOWHERE near the bed at all. It had skittered almost to the door and would have gone trundling down the stairs, except that somehow it hit the doorframe, which was not in any sort of normal trajectory, considering where it was coming from, and stopped in the middle of the door. I’m not sure how that happened, except for a really weird sideways skitter-bounce, because by all rights it should have gone through the door and down the stairs. Maybe angels reached through the aether to offer me a helping wing. Yeah, I’m thinking angels. So that’s kinda kickass.

Later, when I actually woke up, Honey and I decided to take a walk and Honey wanted to walk over to the book store. The last time we walked in that direction was the summer of 2013, on one of the hottest days of early summer. Honey — well, let’s just say he was not happy walking that far. It could have been the heat, but it was also that both of us were severely out of shape. But this year, on this day, he suggested we walk there after taking the dogs on a long (for them) walk. It was an easy and pleasant walk for both of us. I was really proud of him– and now I know we can go even farther than we have been, so YAY for exercise! 😀

So, yeah, we went to the bookstore and looked at all the books that were on sale post-Christmas. I think Honey picked up a couple, because clearly he didn’t get enough for Christmas this year. (It’s okay, Honey. I know for next year.) And we came back home by way of the chocolate shoppe, wherein I got myself a box of my favorite chocolates. 😀

And then I slept for, like, three hours.

So far, 2015 is living up to its name! May it continue on such a pleasant path. 🙂