My, oh my! Cherry pie!

Now that I have FINALLY made bread that works for me– both in terms of safe ingredients and flavor– I feel like all of my baking has taken a turn for the better. I cannot post the bread recipe here, because it’s not mine, but if you’re interested, you can find out how to get it from Gluten Free Girl. BUT! It’s kind of awesome in that it’s REALLY easy to make and requires less than half the time needed to make traditional bread. So that’s cool.

Anyway, the confidence is back! Mostly because I have discovered The Big Secret to GF baking: you cannot just replace All Purpose wheat flour with a Gluten free AP alternative and use your old recipes. You just can’t. Well, maybe YOU can, but when I do it, it bombs. Horribly. The only one I’ve been able to successfully complete that way was my old Chocochip cookie recipe, and even that “tastes gluten free.” (Then again, I was using a different AP flour then. Might have to retry with my new blend.) It’s really frustrating, because I have a ton of familial cookbooks that I can no longer use.

However, once I accepted that fact, I was able to make a pretty durn good cherry pie– from the Mary Poppins cookbook! Okay, I admit it– I bought the pie crust mix, because P. L. Travers didn’t do GF, and since it was my first attempt, the crust did come out a little wonky, but Mary Poppins’s cherry filling made up for it to the point where I brought the pie to a BBQ where I was the only one with a special diet, and barely brought home enough for breakfast the next morning. (NOTE: Cherry pie makes an excellent eggs-and-bacon-free breakfast.) Actually, Honey said that the crust tasted better the second day. o_O So there’s that.

I followed that up with a blueberry coffee cake from scratch, which also makes an excellent breakfast. And it doesn’t “taste gluten free,” either. And it was super easy. I might have to hide some from Honey so I can still have it for breakfast tomorrow. 😉

Anyway, yeah. Feeling much more like myself, now that I can bake again. I’m still not perfect, but I have a much better feel for what I need to be doing now. I feel more and more like myself with every step.


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  1. We just shouldn’t be surprised when we come back in touch with something that brings us joy. It always does, like we won the lottery, but it just shouldn’t.
    I’m so glad you can bake again. I look forward to getting back to it, too!!

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